Indonesia is much more than Bali

Java is easily reached from Bali and if you want to re-live your backpacking days and introduce your kids to independent travel it's a great place to begin. 

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Half Moon Bay’s storms and memories

"She is, a huge, long, square box, cut down straight at both ends. Her outline is consequently of the ugliest.”

The future of glass is clear

RMIT university’s recent announcement of a new form of ‘smart glass’ that lets in less UV radiation when it’s hot, and more when it’s cold is a breakthrough that will help us build more energy efficient buildings. Using vanadium dioxide to place a nano-thin film on the glass - even if it’s already in place... Continue Reading →

As rivers go Melbourne's Yarra is not generally considered a great one. It's not like the Murray-Darling system which drains 14 per cent of Australia's land mass (nearly as big as Texas and California combined),  it lacks the breadth, depth and multitude of substantial incoming streams like the Shoalhaven or Hawksbury in New South Wales.... Continue Reading →

New York may be the city that never sleeps, but London, an equally significant world-centre, takes a long rest over Christmas as major attractions close for days.

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